Two Tier Quail Breeder Cage, Floor Standing

Sale price£266.40


Stack of 2 x breeding cages for quail. Each cage can be divided into 4 sections taking 1 x cock bird and up to 4 - 5 hens per section.

Complete with automatic drinking system, feed troughs and egg collection area at the front

Extra stackable units are available up to a height of 4 units per stack. Units can also be used as brooders for quail chicks if purchased with a comfort chick brooder and a home made floor is added to lay down shavings. 1045 x 585 x H900mm and each section is 250 x 440 x H260mm in size

Extension for quail breeder cage is available to a maximum of 4 high.

Optional extension available which can be slotted onto the top of the cage system to add 4 extra sections each taking 1 cock bird and up to 4-5 hens Set of castor wheels for quail breeder cage

A set of 4 castor wheels are available which slot into the bottom legs of the quail breeder cage system to allow for extra mobility Anti-waste grills

An anti-waste grill is available to fit over the trough on the quail breeder cage. The grill allows the birds head to fit through and feed but minimises the movement 'side to side' to stop the feed being thrown out

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