Interhatch is a trading name of Peakbridge Global Ltd, Company Registration No. 09308819

Interhatch is a UK based company serving a global market with both established and innovative products primarily related to poultry and avian species – but by no means limited to them. We’ve been around since 1980 and have developed a strong experience-based portfolio of products for incubation, hatchery use, commercial, bioscience and professional applications. Whatever your interest in birds and whatever birds you are interested in, you need to breed them right, hatch them right, feed them right, rear them right, keep them healthy, and reap your rewards, whether by commercial use, for sport, for conservation or simply for enjoyment.

Incubation is central but to incubate your eggs right, you need to breed them right and you need to rear the birds right. So whether you are rearing broiler chicken or layers by the millions, turkeys or ducks by the thousand; quail, pheasant, partridge or bustard; eagles, falcon, owls or other birds of prey; parrots or other exotics; penguins or even reptiles or bees – Interhatch is here to help you do it right! We have been helping clients like you to ‘do it right’ for nearly 40 years – but we are not stuck in history! Based on our practical, hands-on experience, we are strong on Research, Innovation and Design. 

Our expertise lies in the following areas: incubation, nutrition, husbandry, health and hygiene, egg handling (washing, transportation), tray washing, hatching, brooding, rearing, pest control, bio security and PPE, lighting, heating and electrical incubation products. We are a UK business, but our customers are not only all over the British Isles but from the Arctic Circle to Antarctica, from the Indian Ocean to the Sahara, from the Americas to Asia, from Australasia to the Middle East. Our extensive industry knowledge coupled with our understanding of varied applications and markets means that we will always have the best solution for you. 

Why Choose Interhatch

  • Over 30 years experience in our field
  • A dedicated technical team is on hand to assist you
  • We respect nature and work with it – we are Registered Animal Health advisors
  • We support the British Free Range Egg Producers Association
  • We respect the environment – ISO 14001 Registered
  • We uphold high standards -  ISO 9001 Registered
  • We support charities – especially those for humanitarian relief, homelessness and for education

Culture Statement:

Mission:  To Improve our client’s performance and profitability through tailored advice, proven products and impeccable service

Vision:  We are committed to be the ‘first company of choice’ in providing exceptional solutions to our customers needs

Our Values: 

• Integrity – uprightness and honesty in all business transactions and relationships
• Loyalty – dedication to the company, its values and goals and to our clients, suppliers and colleagues
• Excellence – being the best at what we do by training, encouraging and developing potential in all employees
• Consideration – provide a respectful, happy atmosphere with impartial care for clients and employees