Grumbach Spares

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Showing 1 - 24 of 38 products
Dial Hair Hygrometer. Plastic case. Recalibration feature.
Grumbach S84 Turning Tray c/w 8 roller
Grumbach spare Fleece filter blanket - pack 10
Grumbach Brass Runoff Drain Screw c/w O-Rings
Grumbach Fan + heater + fanblade complete (BSS300/BSS420)
Grumbach Fan (only) 2017 onwards.
Grumbach S84 / BSS160 Turning Motor & Gearbox
Replacement Door Seal for Grumbach Incubators.
LED Bulb for Fiem and Grumbach Incubators
Grumbach Compact S84 CTD7 - Replacement control panel.
UK-IEC Lead 5amp fuse - Straight
Chicktec Spare Bulb f- 15w E14 Clear Slim Pigmy
S84 Humidity Tank Thermostat, c/w Dial & Probe
Grumbach Ventilation-rosette for Compact S84
Grumbach yellow cap for show glass
Grumbach Temperature-sensor (Wired), new three wire version
Grumbach Switch on/off (light, humidity, motor turning)
Grumbach Special Hatching tray. Complete with dividers
Grumbach Spare Rollers - set 8
Grumbach Spare Rollers - set 8
Sale price£102.44
Grumbach S84 Turning Tray Without Rollers

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