Smite KokziDes Concentrate 1lt

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Anti-Coccidial Disinfectant. Broad spectrum, biocidal disinfectant to eliminate shed endoparasites, coccidia, cryptosporidia and clostridia. Endoparasite infestations, for instance by coccidia or roundworms, are the cause of substantial losses in animal rearing. Affected animals excrete coccidia, oocysts, and worm eggs with their faeces. Other animals may get infected from these shed parasites. In case of coccidiosis, such as by Isospora suis (causing piglet diarrhoea), disinfection in the pens is critical. In Poultry and Game husbandry, oocysts of Eimeria tenella have to be dealt with by disinfection prior to populating the house. Endoparasites may survive for several months, multiplying constantly. For a given form of parasite, only tested products guarantee effectiveness.

Kill Time Targets at mix %: Coccidia (Eimeria tenella) 3% 2hrs Worm eggs (Ascaris suum) 3% 2hrs Cryptosporidia 2% 2hrs Clostridia 4% 1hr

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