Rapid VSC 240 Hot Pressure Washer.

Sale price£2,995.00


Hot water, stainless steel industrial mobile pressure washer. 1500psi, 100bar, 12L/min


  • 200 Bar rated V-TUF XHDH300 Super Series 1400rpm PUMP
  • Ceramic Plunger pump – hard wearing = Lower service costs
  • Automatic stop/start motor pump
  • 100 Bar - 1470 psi (Max working pressure)
  • 12 Lpm (Ideal flow for speed of clean)
  • Adjustable pressure and flow to suit water supply and cleaning task.
  • 240-volt Powered - standard 13-amp electric supply
  • 304 Stainless Steel cover & chassis with bumper bars.
  • Low centre of gravity – helps prevent toppling when transported.
  • 90 °C /150°C (water/steam) adjustable Outlet water temperature.
  • Diesel or HVO* fuel powered high efficiency boiler – to reduce costs and environmental impact.
  • Recommended avg. hours of use per day: 6 hours
  • Modular banjo mounted adjustable pressure unloader valve & service parts
  • Integrated chemical injector system
  • Will suck water - Pump Can draw from Water Butt/IBC.
  • 4 x rugged 10" wheels for ease over rugged terrain
  • Two-piece lance assembly with 5 SSQ quick release jets
  • Ideal jet size: 05
  • 10m high pressure hose with MSQ quick release fittings
  • Standard mains water connection.

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