Psittacus Disruptive 56 Wet

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Disruptive incubators are the long awaited novelty in aviculture. It is a project developed for more than five years in collaboration with Masalles, experts in the manufacture of incubators. These incubators summarize all our experience gathered in our breeding center and nursery. Leading-edge incubation technology. High quality materials. Process improvement. Increased performance. Noiseless. No vibration. Reliable. Robust. Lasting.

Wet version (requires separate purchase of Psittacus humidity unit)

  • Capacity: 56 eggs (medium size parrot).
  • Made of polyester using the DWOP system.
  • Door with panoramic methacrylate window and two air chambers.
  • Stainless steel inner plate with electro polishing treatment.
  • LED interior light with automatic self-disconnection
  • Electronic PID control with DISPLAY-LED of digital humidity and programmable temperature.
  • 32-character LCD screen with LED lighting with language selection.
  • Decimal humidity programming range from 10% RH to 70% RH.
  • Decimal Temperature programming range from 20.0 ºC to 45.0 ºC (optional reading in Fahrenheit scale).
  • Electronic ventilation system with variable speed.
  • Radial heating system RHT (Radial Heat Technology).
  • NCDP-CooL controlled periodic cooling system with programmable functions:
  • Cooling intervals (from 1 to 24h) / Cooling temperature over SET (-0.2 to -10 ºC) / Cooling period duration (from 1 to 59 minutes).
  • High Airflow System: extra humidity reduction through hyperventilation.
  • Programmable NATAP automatic turning system.
  • Rotation on the stainless steel base. Push by means of rods with adjustable height and separation.
  • Fixed-Random turning programming selector. / Programmable start and stop turning intervals. / Turning interval (from 5 minutes to 24 hours).
  • Dimension: 59 x 35 x 40cm
  • 220 - 240Vac / 80W

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