Masalles Falcon Hatcher RHT-500

Sale price£2,841.60


Masalles hatcher designed especially for Falcon eggs, 1 - 40

  • Cabinet made from Polyester double wall
  • Door made with Polyester with a methacrylate double glazied window
  • Supply voltage 230V single phase 50/60Hz maximum consumption 100w
  • Power consumption 60w/h
  • Electronic System Control PID* with DISPLAY-LED temperature and humidity programmable
  • Hatching grate made by Stainless Steel
  • Radial heating technology RHT
  • Temperature Range from 20,0ºC to 40,0ºC (68ºF to 104ºF)
  • Humidity Range from 5%HR a 90%HR (only with reference 1200-0313 + 1100-03239)
  • Acoustic alarm module with GSM module with error warning via mobile phone (optional extra)
  • LED interior lights with auto-shut off on timer
  • Alarm for high or low temperature programmed
  • Packing Dimensions: 74 x 55 x 56cm 20Kg

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