Masalles Falcon Brooder RHT-500

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Masalles Falcon Brooder is specifically manufactured and developed for birds of prey. Radial heating technology and manufactured specifically for the Falcon brooder RHT-500 called RHT (Radial Heat Technology), it achieves unmatched thermal flux stability against brooders with traditional fan forced ventilation systems.

The RHT heating system is a fully active system that is able to adapt according to the programmed temperature and humidity needs.

Combined with the electronic variable speed ventilation system, which regulates the air flow constantly, ensures that the internal temperature of the chamber does not undergo sudden changes or oscillations.

The smooth operation of the RHT heating system is combined with a very low air speed, giving a very stable heating.

It is important to emphasize that, unlike a hatcher, the brooder needs a periodic controlled oxygen renewal. Thanks to the “02 Advance” air renewal system, a forced air renewal is carried out inside the brooding chamber.

This controlled renewal is vital from a technical and biological point of view. A brooder with little or inadequate renewal of controlled oxygen can lead to the proliferation of bacteria such as: E.ECOLI SPP, PROTEUS SPP, SALMONELLA, STREPTOCOCOS, STAPHILILOCOCOS SPP or PSEUDOMONAS SPP.

In Masalles we are committed to the importance of offering products with the best technology and biosecurity. Making the models of the Falcon line all in stainless steel fittings, together with our DWOP manufacturing system, which guarantees a single piece of cabinet made of double-walled polyester with a high degree of insulation and tightness that give the whole a quality that meets our most demanding clients.

  •  Cabinet made by polyester double wall using the system DWOP.
  • Door with panoramic methacrylate window with double air chamber.
  • Internal supports made of stainless steel with electro polished treatment.
  • LED interior light with timed auto-off.
  • PID electronic control with programmable digital temperature and humidity.
  • Decimal humidity programming range from 10% RH to 70% RH
  • Programming range of decimal temperature scale from 20.ºC to 45.0ºC (68ºF to 113ºF)
  • Electronic ventilation system with automatic variable speed.
  • Variable electronic ventilation function O2ADVANCE that performs controlled air/oxygen renewal.
  • Auto-Swing control prevents the temperature oscillations when the door is opening and closing.
  • External GSM telephone alarm module (Ref.: 1200-0315).
  • Automatic humidity system type HS-SINF with external tank. (Ref.:1200-0621)
  • Single phase operation 230V - 50/60Hz
  • Max. power consumption 100W/h
  • Dimensions with packaging 69x69x78cm
  • Weight approx 30 Kg

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