Masalles 5200-I-HLC Setter

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Masalles offers the highest technology focused on the most demanding customers using the latest generation technology.
The HLC finishes combine the maximum technology applied in the incubation and birth processes. This is achieved by means of new and effective systems developed especially to guarantee optimal performance profitability.
Discover why the new generation of HLC incubators are the best performance incubation equipment in the market and the ideal investment for the most demanding clients.

  • Cabinet made by aluminium double-walled.
  • Double-walled aluminium doors with panoramic aluminum windows.
  • Interior completely made of stainless steel with electro polished treatment.
  • 72 individual positioning trays.
  • LED interior light with timed auto-off.
  • Height adjustable legs.
  • Electronic PID control with programmable digital temperature and humidity DISPLAY-LED.
  • 32-character LCD display with LED illumination and language selection.
  • Decimal humidity programming range from 10% RH to 70% RH
  • Programming range of decimal temperature scale from 20.0ºC to 45.0ºC (68ºF to 113ºF)
  • Automatic humidity system with floating discs.
  • Forced ventilation
  • Natural Cool Down Programmable NCDP with programmable functions:
  • Cooling intervals (1h to 24h)
  • Cooling temperature with respect to SET (-0.2°C to -20°C)
  • Cooling period duration (1 to 59 minutes)
  • Automatic turning system NATAP with servo motor with 45 ° with programmable functions:
  • Fixed / Random programming Selector.
  • Programmable start and stop tumbling intervals.
  • Turn of turns interval (5 minutes - 24 hours)
  • Over voltage/transitory protection circuit.
  • Double safety thermostat with adjustable set.
  • Programmed high or low temperature sound alarm.
  • 230V single phase operation at  50/60Hz.
    Average power consumption 895w/h
    Dimensions with packaging: 225 x 162 x 137cm
    Weight approx: 450kg
  • Capacities: Quail 14256, Partridge 9072 Pheasant 7056, Chicken 5184, Duck/Turkey 3888, Goose 2016


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