Masalles 25-I-PDS Setter

Sale price£3,574.76


***Please contact 01246264646 or for lead times***
  • Cabinet made of polyester using the DWOP ™ system 
  • Quality Galvanised Internal metalwork
  • Double-walled polyester door with panoramic aluminum windows.  
  • Electronic digital temperature and humidity control PID programmable. 
  • Decimal temperature programming range from 20°C - 40°C (68°F-104°F) 
  • Digital hygrometer. 
  • Decimal humidity programming range 5%RH - 70%RH  
  • Ultrasonic automatic humidity system with two external tanks. 
  • Automatic turning system by means of servomotor with swing at 45°C 
  • 18 Setting trays
  • Forced ventilation 
  • LED interior light with automatic self-disconnection (2min) 
  • Height adjustable legs. 
  • Weight and dimensions with packaging approx: 74 x 64 x 95cm 39Kg 

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