Grumbach Compact S84 MP GTFS Setter - Humidity Display Only

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The  Compact S84 MP GTFS is now the base model of the Grumbach S84 range, incorporating microprocessor controls to regulate heating, cooling, humidity and turning timer.Tried and tested it gives consistently good results for the fastidious breeder. Recommended for use with the Chicktec Setter Tray

Grumbach MP incubators can also be fitted with a Chicktec upgrade on request. A Chicktec upgrade increases the turning speed to 180 degrees over 2 minutes, with turning intervals adjustable from 2 minutes upwards, instead of the standard 15 minute turn every 15 minutes. A digital turning counter and a manual turn switch are also included, making it easier to see that turning is operating at a glance. The bi-direction motor gives the user the ability to set a perfect 180 degree turn no matter what the size of the egg and prevents over-turning the eggs. Please discuss your requirements with us. 


  • 2 x rolling turning setting trays
  • Automatic turning
  • Turning timer
  • Microprocessor controls with digital settings menu
  • Humidity display only (Not automatic control)
  • Cool down timer
  • Voltage: Available in 110V and 230V
  • Capacity: 65 hen eggs or equivalent other breeds
  • Dimensions cm (LxWxH): 66 x 47 x 45
  • Max Watts: 420
  • Weight: 34 kg

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