Grumbach BSS160 MP - GTFS Hatcher

Sale price£4,251.24


With the best selling aperture for highest demands: variable from 18.0 - 41.0°C, humidity up to 90%, automatic turning and cooling function fully programmable.

The precise electronic temperature control ensures a further energy-saving effect. A super silent air circulation system ensures even heat distribution. The safety of the animals is guaranteed by an adjustable safety thermostat. Humidity can be continuously adjusted up to nearly 100%, and is automatically maintained according to the brooding instructions. In order for the air bubble to grow successfully, the humidity can be reduced via a tank flap.

The adjustable cool-down timer stops the heating if required and programmed by the user, the fan ensures sufficient oxygen and after the cool-down phase the brood temperature is automatically raised again to the previous value.

Microprocessor control (all functions programmable)

  • Digital temperature control
  • Digital automatic humidification
  • Digital cooling down timer
  • 4 x zinc plated trays
  • 220 - 240Vac / 350W

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