Fiem MG 1150H Hatcher

Sale price£4,158.00


An excellent choice when moving into 'serious' incubation. The Chicktec 800 hatchers have a host of professional features at an affordable price.

  • Digital electronic temperature & humidity display and control.
  • Circulated air with adjustable fan-speed regulator and adjustable air intake.
  • Wet and dry bulb thermometers, interior light and viewing portholes.
  • Supplied with one set of hatching baskets and corrugated hatching paper

Capacity, Quail 2720; Pheasant 1568; Hen 1152; Turkey 800; Goose 448

Dimensions: 920x990x1420H

Powerr: 220 - 240Vac650W

Weight: 140kg

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