Fiem 720 Setter

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The MG 720 model incubator combines a good capacity for eggs with a set of innovative systems allowing the user to work safely,  fully complying with needs of small breeding farms.  Thanks to high-quality manufacturing materials, this hatchery associates long duration with performance applicable to a professional machine. 

  • The structure consists of special walls made of prepainted galvanized sheet thermal panels, with 20-mm polystyrene insulation, ensuring perfect isolation and machine solidity.
  • Daily turning of eggs is performed by proper high-quality geared motor which - thanks to constantly automated operation – helps proper embryo development, preventing dangerous adhesions to egg shells.
  • Temperature is read through °F precision thermometer and a wet-bulb hygrometer provides for an accurate reading of humidity percentage inside the incubator.
  • Humidity is controlled via an ultrasonic system which is seperate to the incubator. This system gives very accurate control to within +/-1% of the set-point.
  • Two port-holes on the door provides for a perfect view inside the incubator and the internal light allows an easy inspections of the eggs .
  • A decimal-precision digital thermostat allows to easily and accurately adjust the temperature. • The machine is equipped with one self-cooling bearing professional fan and a special device to adjust ventilation intensity. The suitable air exchange followed by carbon dioxide exhaustion is through proper ventilation holes.
  • A visual and acoustic alarm warns temperature abnormalities and stops heating when the maximum temperature limit set up by the user is reached.
  • Thanks to the available emergency cable, a further electro-mechanical thermostat independent of main control panel allows restoring machine main functions in case of malfunction to the control panel.
  • Humidification is performed through covered tanks with constant level automatic water flow (automatic humidification is available upon request with digital adjustment and further reading through hygrostat).
  • Incubator MG 720 Pegaso , with combined incubation and hatching compartment, has been conceived to perform a weekly hatching cycle.

Capacity Depending on trays supplied: Chicken 1008, Quail 1700, Pheasant 980, Turkey 500, Goose 280

Power: 220 - 240Vac / 780W

Size: 880 x 885 x H1420mm

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