Fiem 50 Bird

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MG 50 Bird is a precision machine especially suitable for incubating raptor, parrot and other exotic eggs.

  • Precise digital automatic controls
  • Adjustable ventilation controls 
  • Automatic turning of eggs
  • Adjustable rollers for eggs of different size eggs 
  • Available with either twin wall, insulated metal cabinet or laminated cabinet
  • °C precision thermometer
  • A wet-bulb °C hygrometer provides for an accurate reading of humidity percentage inside the incubator.
  • Humidity supplied by water basin
  • Auto-humidity available as optional extra, external ultrasonic unit
  • Breeding calendar
  • Internal LED light


Power: 220 - 240Vac / 120W

Total Size: W420 x D530 x H400mm

Tray Size: 380 x 490mm

Weight: 24Kg


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