Brinsea Z7 Contact Incubator

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Brinsea CONTAQ Z7 – designed to enable you to set all the incubation parameters your eggs would experience in their natural nest. The Z7 is the latest high performance egg incubator to feature patented Contact Incubation Technology (CIT) which accurately mimics the nest conditions and warms the egg by contact with the top of the shell.

Contaq Z7 RAPTOR

3rd Generation no compromise contact incubator for unbeatable hatch rates with wild species, developed in conjunction with world-leading bird of prey breeders.

Better than the real nest
Although CIT aims at reproducing the environment of bird and nest, with the CONTAQ Z7 the egg incubation environment can be seen as better than the real nest. There are no predators and no egg damage from inexperienced brood birds, no risks of disease or disturbance interrupting the parents. The professional breeder or advanced amateur now has an incubator which can be relied on to produce consistently higher yields of precious eggs – for birds of prey, for parrots and for endangered species.

The Z7 Raptor recreates the brood patch of the parent bird with a warm air-filled plastic diaphragm (skin) which can be inflated and deflated. A moving floor turning system rotates the eggs, either directly using the profile dividers or using rollers (all supplied as standard). The floor integral egg turn counter detects and displays the number of floor movements so you always know your eggs have been turned, even when you are not present. Through a simple 4 button menu-driven interface and high visibility OLED display the user can control:

  • Incubator Temperature (T1) – of the air temperature above the contact skin
  • Cooling – duration and interval that the skin is retracted from the eggs, simulating the bird leaving the nest.
  • Turning – the interval and duration of egg turning.
  • Temperature Alarm – warns the user if the incubator or room temperature falls outside user-settable limits.
  • Contaq Temperature (T2) – The unique contact thermometer provides a second, continuous and independent measurement of the contact skin temperature (T2) which corresponds to the egg shell temperature eliminating the need for infra-red ear thermometers (or similar). T2 will normally be slightly lower than T1 depending on room conditions, and it is T2 that the user should set the incubator to optimise. Comprehensive instructions are supplied to get the best out of this advanced system.
  • Designed for ease of sterilization and long operational life.

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